Jan Schuitemaker – Independent Coffee Consultant

What can I do for your business

Building your business

Are you an existing or new coffee company? Let me help you building your business. The quote “been there done that” applies to me. With over 15 years of experience in retail and coffee production I’m the one who can help your business grow.



No matter when you need equipment, green or roasted coffee I know the way in the coffee industry and point you in the right direction.   

Training & Education

Authorised SCA* Trainer (* Speciality Coffee Association). Educating and training all your staff, from the lab to the person who makes the final coffee drink (barista).


In my (coffee) network of coffee professionals, there is always someone to help you in case I don’t know the solution.

Key to your success

With different successful projects for CoffeeXperts, Varietals CoffeeDaarnhouwer, Nestlé and the EBRD (Caffe Mondo & Mongol Coffee), I’m the key to your success.

The SCA’s unified education program, the Coffee Skills Program, will consist of six main modules: Introduction to Coffee, Green Coffee, Brewing, Barista, Sensory, and Roasting.


Education within each CSP module progresses from the Foundation Level to the Intermediate Level, and then to the Professional Level. Each certificate earned has a certain point value assigned. Foundation certificates receive 5, Intermediate 10, and Professional 25. Introduction to Coffee is worth 10 points. When 100 points are reached, the Coffee Skills Diploma is earned.

Introduction to Coffee

Introduction to Coffee is an ideal module for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or just has an interest in this wonderful drink.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee covers the key concepts surrounding green coffee, from growing the plant, through processing, shipping, storage and arrival at a roaster.

Sensory Skills

Sensory Skills investigates the way we perceive what we taste and how to apply this knowledge when evaluating coffee’s natural characteristics.


Roasting gives you an understanding of the roasting process, including how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark.


Brewing introduces you to the different ways of brewing coffee, from Chemex, Hario V60, Phoenix 70 and Siphon to clever dripper and French press.


Barista is for people focussing on the key skills required to set your grinder, make espresso and foam and texture milk for cappuccino.

More Info

The best way to reach me is by e-mail. I never can tell what day where (in the world) I am. Can be in a different time zone, or can be with different (local) phone number. My e-mail I will read always everywhere.

Address: de Star 4 – K
NL1601MH  Enkhuizen
the Netherlands
e-mail: jan “at” schuitemaker.consulting